Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

UltraBeam Yagi

4 Elements 6-40 meters

4 elem. 6-40

4 Full-size elements  continuous coverage 7-28 MHz   (4 El 10-20 meters - 3 El 30-40 meters)

Ultra Beam antennas operating on the 30 and 40 meter-bands have been technically improved to the point to offer you a genuine full-size 4 element monoband antenna operating on the 10-40 metres (6-40 with 50 MHz kit).
This model uses 4 active full-size elements in the range 10-20 metres of which 3 full-size elements are active on the 30 and 40 metre bands.
This antenna has two driven elements. The first and shortest element (11 meters long) is used in the range 28-14 MHz, the second and central one ( 22 meters long) is used as 30 and 40 metres driven element. A unique CPU controlled switching system (automatically operated by the controller) swiches on the first or the second driven element depending on the band selected. This will also provide optimum spacing in the lower 30 and 40 metres bands and, therefore, the achievement maximum gain and F/B ratio on these two bands. Maybe the above could be made clearer by the picture shown below. No other similar antenna system operating in the range 28-7 MHz can be compared with the 68 kg "no-compromise" perfomances achieved by this model.
4 el. 6-40

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