Rabu, 04 April 2012

Bitsonic Waspy 2 Bundle v2.6

An old software with new sound.
Waspy 2 is a hybrid virtual analog VSTi synthesizer with the samples. It was built to produce superior quality sound and music. The graphical interface ensures the highest level of usability. It uses highly optimized code and SSE instructions in order to reduce the CPU usage to a minimum.
At its core Waspy 2 houses 2 alias-free unison oscillators and 2 simple oscillators, which generate analog shaped waveforms. The unison oscillator is capable of producing 6 unison voices in stereo. You can send 3 Osc output into the next Osc, so you can variy the sound.
You can use 690 different preset in the Waspy 2 + Gold version. Its core preset houses 480 sample file with the oscillators. Sounds of near future in Waspy 2.
145 Lead
40 Pad
72 Bass
26 Atmosphere
47 kick, snare, clap, hihat, crash
15 Fx
Continue reading and Download : Download Bitsonic Waspy 2 Bundle v2.6.

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