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Antenna Software

10 m DELTA LOOP Antenna calculator
AC6LA Antenna Modeling Software and Other Utility Programs 
Antenna Design Freeware -- 1D and 2D arrays from MEI Software
Antenna Feed System Modeling Software by Dan Maguire, AC6LA -- includes Smith chart tutorial
Antenna Shareware A Bunch -- See Goldmine Software one thru five -- not to be missed!!
Antenna Software A Ton -- From The Spread Spectrum Scene -- Not to be missed!!
Antena Solver -by Dr. David Fluckiger, KJ5AT
Antenna Software
Antenna Software -- Loaded -- Via OK1RR
Antenna Software by W7EL -- EZNEC, EZNEC pro, ELNEC
Antenna Software From QRZ
Cubical Quad Antenna Calculator -- From KD6DKS
EMMCAP Software for modeling of arbitrarily shaped wire structures and the computation of their electromagnetic behavior, including radiation and scattering problems.
EZNEC 3.0 -- For for Windows 95/98/NT/200
Grating Solver Development Company - Antenna Solver V1.1a and GSOLVER© V4.20a
Highly recommended by a local antenna guru.

Mac Antenna Master -- From Black Cat Systems
The MININEC Professional Series
 MMANA (MM Antenna Analyzer) BY JE3HHT - Makoto Mori
MultiNEC 2.0 -- -- Automate and animate your antenna modeling and propagation predictions -- From AC6LA
NEC4WIN® -- Antenna Simulation Software for Windows © NecView® Windows© interface for NEC2 From VE2GMI Madjid Boukri
Nittany Scientific, Inc. -- Antenna Analysis with the User in Mind
PolarPlot -- Polar diagram of your rotatable beam antenna actually looks like where it is operating. From Bob, G4HFQ
Power Loss/ dB Calculator _by W4SM
pstrotatorPstRotator - handles just about every controllable rotator in common use, provides automatic tracking for satelites and EME, and lots more
RF Calculator Page  From WA7CS -- Over 40 Programs to help with RF design and antennas
YagiStress -- The Ultimate Mechanical Design Software For Antenna Designers. -- By Kurt Andress, K7NV
Quick Yagi -- Via WA7RAI's Home Page -- yagi auto-design, auto-optimize, modeling software

Commercial Antennas -- Visit AC6V's Antenna Mfgrs Links
HomeBrew Antennas -- Visit AC6V's Antenna Project Links

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